Claire Foxton Artwork

Bringing awareness to Ocean Conservation with the international art festival SEAWALLS is artist Claire Foxton. She has painted this spectacular mural on the side of the Corporate Tower on the corner of Lake and Hartley streets, go and have a look!

Super, Blue, Blood Lunar Eclipse 31/01/2108

Tropical North Queensland had one of the clearest nights in history to showcase the Super, Blue, Blood Lunar Eclipse this week. I you didn’t get a chance to see it yourself, this is what it looked like from Mount Sheridan in Cairns, Australia.     Cheers,   Capturing Cairns  


A fun day was had by all who attended the Cairns Crocs first event for the season-The Paradise Palms Aquathon Relay. THe humidity was pumping, but that didn’t stop the athletes from pushing to their sprinting limits. For photos of this event, please head to the following link: PHOTOS-Cairns Crocs Paradise Palms Aquathon-28/01/2018-Kids Race and…

Cairns in December

Changing what our eyes see everyday is healthy for the spirit. It pulls us out of our own little private world and provides a much needed perception change.


In 2014 he won the Tropical Journeys Great Barrier Reef Marathon in Port Douglas narrowly beating his childhood hero Steve Moneghetti. In his first ever attempt at an Ironman event he finished in under 10 hours, and he has won the last FOUR consecutive Great Pyramid Races. Currently unbeatable in his discipline, his image has…

Ella Goddard-Profiling our Cairns Athletes

  Easily one of the best swimmers to come out of Far North Queensland in a long time, Ella’s list of achievements is impressive. She has demonstrated State and National success in distance swimming, and solidified her dominance in the endurance events with State medals in the IM, Freestyle and distance Butterfly. She has also…

The Cairns Aquarium-How does it compare to Townsville?

  Interesting. After having visited both facilities, there are a few differences-bear in mind this is purely my opinion. The Cairns aquarium is aesthetically ‘prettier’. The building is an eye catching design, whereas Townsville aquarium to me, feels a little industrial. Inside the Cairns building, the interior design and artwork is more modern and fresh,…