Super, Blue, Blood Lunar Eclipse 31/01/2108

Tropical North Queensland had one of the clearest nights in history to showcase the Super, Blue, Blood Lunar Eclipse this week. I you didn’t get a chance to see it yourself, this is what it looked like from Mount Sheridan in Cairns, Australia.     Cheers,   Capturing Cairns  


There are plenty of these guys around nesting in Cairns at the moment. Have you ever been on the receiving end of a protective parent?

Today After The Rain-VIDEO FOOTAGE

A day earlier, this rock wall was dry-not a drop of water to be seen. The parched trees dropped their leaves as a result of thirst, and created a crunchy bed of earthy colours.

Backyard birdie

    What a lovely little critter. Does anyone know the name of this little buddy?    

The New Esplanade at Machans Beach

    Have you checked out the new Esplanade at Machans? A great place to walk the dog, or take a jog. Access to the beach is via the steps, as a rock wall has been established to protect the shoreline.


It reminds me of the territory, and carries with it the same earthy smells and spirituality