Cairns in December

The Lagoon Pool-5The Lagoon Pool-4The Lagoon Pool-3The Lagoon Pool

People watching. What an interesting activity. When I dropped my car for a service last week and found myself on foot, I pounded the pavement in an effort to reach the esplanade whilst I was waiting.

It’s amazing how small our little worlds are. Same route to work everyday in our little, protected comfortable cars. When others are sitting in the heat on the side of a road, waiting for a bus to take them to their destination. Or they are also pounding the pavement in the heat, crossing the railway line by foot, getting thirsty, until they get to where they need to be.

Changing what our eyes see everyday is healthy for the spirit. It pulls us out of our own little private world and provides a much needed perception change.

My destination, was this spectacular Lagoon Pool, a much loved tourist and local waterhole hangout, and I can assure you, after pounding the pavement, I wish I had’ve been in a position to take a dip.

High RES images below:

Cairns in December

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