Kody Stattmann-Cairns Basketball Prodigy Is Off To The US

For those of you who are not aware, Junior Basketball in Cairns is of an incredible standard. Per capita, it breeds a sizable percentage of Queenslands best.

Of no exception is young 17 year old Basketball prodigy Kody Stattmann. Clearly talented from a young age, he has continued to make State and National teams throughout his junior basketball career, in which he consistently put in solid scoring performances. The combination of height and the serious ability to shoot has recently attracted the attention of the US college Basketball scene and set Kody up for the potential career of a lifetime.




  • A member of the U17 Australian World Championships Team, which was held in Spain of 2016
  • A member of the Adidas Nations Asia Pacific Team competing in the US in 2016 and 2017. This team is comprised of the best youth players from the Asia-Pacific region. In 2017, the Asia Pacific Team won a silver medal, Kody was the second highest point scorer, and had the most amount of court time. See his stats here:
  • Represented Queensland every year from U12’s until present.



So here we are. Speaking casually with Cairns bred talent Kody Stattmann, literally on the brink of an exciting new life.

What did his mother feed him to grow those long legs? I was surprised by his answer.




CC: Hi Kody, let’s begin by asking your Age?
KS: I’m 17


CC: Where did you attend secondary school?
KS: Saint Augustine’s College, Cairns Queensland. I’ve just finished year 12.


CC: How old were you when you first started playing Basketball?
KS: I started playing when I was 5 when I spent some time training with Kane Oakley (A former professional athlete with the Cairns Taipans from 2001-2007) I also played soccer, AFL, and I rode motor bikes. Then I made my first QLD team in Basketball and slowly gave up the other sports.


CC: Why did you choose Basketball over the other sports?
KS: It was performance based. I started to make State teams in Basketball, and so I thought maybe I could go somewhere with the sport. The first team I made was the Under 12 Queensland Team.


CC: How tall are you?
KS: 6 foot 7 or 200 cm tall.


CC: Are you still growing? At 17 you would expect a little more growth-Good Lord what did your mother feed you?
KS: I’m not sure if I’m still growing- I hope so. Mum really didn’t feed me anything special, it’s all genetics.


CC: What team do you support in the NBA?
KS: Actually a few people have asked me that and I don’t actually support a team, but my favourite player would have to be LeBron James


CC: LeBron? Why?
KS: He can do it all-that’s pretty much it.


CC: Where did you get your sporting talent from?
KS: Mum played basketball to a high level when she was my age and now coaches in Cairns. Dad played Rugby League, but became involved in Basketball coaching in Cairns as my brother and I became more invested in the sport.


CC: Your brother is also a great player, but younger than you. Does he want to follow in your footsteps?
KS: Hmm. Sometimes he does yes. Other times he can’t decide what he likes more. Basketball or Playstation.


CC: At what age did you first slam dunk?
KS: I think it was top end U16’s. So 15.


CC: What position on the court do you play?
KS: I play a 2 man shooting guard.


CC: Not a forward or centre?
KS: Nope, not really. I have always played a tall point guard.


CC: What are your future goals?
KS: Obviously I’d love to play for the Boomers. I’d like to play well in the US next year in the college Baseketball League to which I have committed to the University of Virginia. My goal is to have the opportunity to play Basketball professionally and just see where it takes me. The pinnacle is obviously the NBA. That’s my ultimate goal at the end of the day, but we’ll see what happens.


CC: So what’s your plan at the moment?
KS: I am currently training with the Cairns Taipans in their Academy. At the end of Jan I am heading to the AIS in Canberra where I’ve been granted a 6 month scholarship to train with some of the best athletes and basketballers in the country. I then head to the US where I have committed to play college basketball for the University of Virginia.


A straight talker, Kody appears to know exactly what he’s doing, and exactly what he wants. He is one of those people who is driven by his success which has been enabled by his exceptional talent. Each success has broadened his opportunities, and each opportunity he’s accepted, has paved the way for one hell of an exciting future, whatever it may hold.


Kody Stattmann 2Kody Stattmann 3

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