In 2014 he won the Tropical Journeys Great Barrier Reef Marathon in Port Douglas narrowly beating his childhood hero Steve Moneghetti.

In his first ever attempt at an Ironman event he finished in under 10 hours, and he has won the last FOUR consecutive Great Pyramid Races.

Currently unbeatable in his discipline, his image has appeared on the TV news, in newspapers, and in on-line publications as anyone and everyone who has ever had a remote interest in sport attempts to get a piece of his brilliance.

This extremely happy-go-lucky, down to earth bloke is a fierce competitor, so don’t even think about dropping him in a race as he’ll eat you up, spit you back out and leave you weeping in his dust.

Mr Jimmy Hilton- A rare sporting talent considering he trains running around his farm with his dog, pushing a pram, and lifting a few weights in his backyard shed.

Please enjoy this Interview with a very reluctant HERO in Cairns Sport.


📌Hey Jimmy, thanks for talking with us. What would you say are your biggest sporting achievements?
🏃‍♂️AFL Cairns Senior Premierships x3
🏃‍♂️Great Pyramid Race wins
🏃‍♂️Great Barrier Reef Marathon Podium finishes
🏃‍♂️Multisport adventure racing success
🏃‍♂️Cairns Ironman

📌We all know you love to do the Pyramid Race in Gordonvale. How many times have you won it, and tell us about your most recent race.
I have managed to scramble over the line ahead of the field on 4 consecutive occasions. My most recent race was a bit messed up. After the never ending scramble up the heated rock face, the tank was running on empty. With my brain cooked I missed a crucial sharp turn on the downhill free fall. I rolled off a cliff face, traversed through bush and eventually found my way back on route. Not knowing where I was placed, I pushed myself to stupidity and stumbled over the line worse for wear with bloody limbs.

📌What’s your favourite sport? To watch, and to compete in?
Probably AFL. Great team sport, great mates, athleticism, fitness, companionship, adrenalin rush, physical, tough, aggressive, skilful and tactful game. The fact that some players run over 20km per game emphasises the fitness level of these elite athletes.

📌What drives you?
I thrive on endorphins and the satisfaction of pushing my body to the limits. Pain is the weakness leaving your body!

📌You have a gorgeous wife and three energetic young kids. How has having a family changed your training?
Family first before fitness, therefore as any slight opportunity to train presents itself, I need to make the most of it. I usually do the majority of my running with a pram these days. I also try to get a weights work out done before the kids wake up so I’m often in the dark.

📌Are you training for anything at the moment?
I generally maintain a good level of fitness, so when an opportunity or event is on I can make the most of it.

📌What are your sporting goals for the future?
I want to focus more on Adventure Racing, and injury prevention so I can be competitive as my kids are growing up. I want them to be surrounded by sporting madness.

📌Do you have a regular training regime?
I usually throw a few weights around in our shed gym 2-3 times a week early mornings. All my running is done in the hills around our farm trying to keep up with our energetic dog and 3 kids.

📌Have you ever done an Ironman?
I completed the Cairns Ironman in 9hrs 55mins back in 2013. One of the greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced was running down the home straight high fiving friends and family.

📌Were your parents sporty? Are your siblings sporty?
Growing up we were dragged around the country to various running events as a family. Dad smashed out a few social marathons back in the day. My sister is actually a very good triathlete and my brother is a general all-rounder, just a bit lazy.

📌What is your sporting history?
As a pup I played any sport I could get my hands on. My strengths were athletics and cross country where I competed at state level annually. In my 20’s AFL consumed majority of my time when I wasn’t travelling overseas. In my 30’s I was introduced to multisport adventure racing and have had enormous success.

📌What do you eat when you are training?
Usually smash a protein shake after a weights workout. Otherwise I try to maintain a good balanced diet.

📌Do you believe in electrolyte drinks?
Purely just for salt replacement when humidity is cranking. I find coconut water a great alternative.

📌What shoes do you run in?
I actually have a bit of a shoe fetish. I am constantly trying out all sorts of neutral and minimalist running shoes. My current set of wheels are Inov8’s and Merrell’s.

📌What is the secret to sporting success?
Discipline, hard work and having fun!

Thanks Jimmy. All the best for your future endeavours, and thanks for talking with us.

Photos by Errey Images and The Cairns Post

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