Her last hours…and her last pre-race blog-Thank you for sharing with us Sarah.

In the very last hours before she races, she checks out the transitions with anticipation. She has the swim and bike exit sorted in her mind. Now all she needs to do is sleep and then RACE! This is Sarah’s last pre-race blog with us. The next time we speak with her, she will be a changed woman.

Stay tuned for her post race analysis.


I’m counting down the hours now!


I have checked my bike and my gear bags in, and all that’s left to do is rest up.
I had my own personal volunteer guide me through transition today, so I have a clear image in my mind of where I exit the swim, how I get to my bike, how I exit T1, how I enter T2 and locate my run bag, and how I exit T2.


All that’s left is to actually do it!
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get some rest tonight and wake up feeling ready for the biggest and most iconic race I’ve ever done in my life.



The bike/run exit
The swim exit and entrance to T1
Kailua bay with the transition located on the pier in the distance.


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