Ironman World Championships 2017-Kona, Hawaii, is TOMORROW!!


With only one day to go before the Race, Sarah is well and truly ready. We can’t wait to follow her Race with live tracking, and we wish her well. Praying for no flats!

GOOD LUCK SARAH, Cairns is behind you!

Read her blog below:


On the swim course this morning the water was crystal clear, the visibility was amazing. The sun was shining, Kona was showing us it’s best.

The annual Undie Run took place, and crowds lined the streets to spectate.
The day was spent doing final checks and preparation of my equipment.
On our way down to the official Welcome Dinner this evening, we saw the finish chute being constructed, and I had a sudden rush of emotion as I realized how close the race is getting.
The Welcome Dinner was MC’d by Mike Reilly and Greg Welch, and a couple of guest speakers including Mark Allen. Chrissy Wellington was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The inspirational and motivational footage that was being played, both at the dinner and also out on the street in Ali’i Drive as we walked home, made everything so much more real, a mixture of nerves, excitement and anticipation all rolled into one.


Bring on Saturday!



Huge crowds and a huge stage at the welcome dinner.


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