Two days and counting…

Today has been a long and busy day in Kona.


It started in the same way as it seemed everyone else’s did: with a bit of exercise. It was like the whole of the island was out swimming/riding/running this morning, people EVERYWHERE!
I was then lucky enough to attend the annual Kona Witsup (Women In Triathlon) brunch, where the legends Mirinda Carfrae and Rachel Joyce were guest speakers.
We then headed down to the extremely well organized athlete check in, where we received our goody bags and all the stuff we need for the race. The volunteers working there were absolutely lovely and so very enthusiastic! It was hard not to get a bit overwhelmed with excitement as I was asked over and over again


“Is this your first time racing Kona?” “Oh good on you, that’s fantastic! Have an awesome race”.
After that I had to do a bit of running around getting some last bits and pieces  and then we went to a party hosted by Clif bar where Tim O’Donnell and Terenzo Bozzone were special guests.

I’m so tired now, and need to make sure I start to prioritize rest tomorrow! 2 days to go!



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