The Excitement Builds With only 2 days Until Race Day

The little town of Kailua-Kona is now completely transformed, and the “Ironman Village” is all set up and open for business. It is made up of lots of different stalls from numerous companies over the length of about 2 kilometers in total along Ali’i Drive. There is so much choice and so many cool products to try, and to buy! Music is playing constantly and there are crowds of people everywhere.


We were given our Team Oz T-shirts and Aussie flags ready for the parade of nations this evening, where athletes from each of the countries represented at the world championships proudly display their colours.


As usual before a race, everyone is checking and chatting about the weather forecast for Saturday. At this stage thunderstorms are forecast, which is a bit scary! I’m trying not to worry too much about what may or may not happen, because whatever the weather it will be the same for all competitors.


On the ride today the wind was the exact opposite of what it was yesterday: a tailwind out and strong headwind on the way back into Kona.



To me, that alone illustrates the diversity and unpredictability of weather in this incredible place.-Sarah Thomas



Ready for the parade of nations








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