The training is done. The hard slog is over. Her long Journey to make the World Triathlon Championships in Kona has come to an end. All that remains, is the plum in the pudding. The pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow-The reward.

She will embark on one of the most epic experiences of her life in 3 days time. Sarah is now biding her time in preparation for the big day. What is going through her mind?

Read what she has to say.


So after yesterday’s blog where I reported that the weather was overcast and therefore slightly cooler, this morning was HOT again! The sun was back with a vengeance! It was extremely hot and steamy on my run, and I was starting to freak out about what’s in store for me on Saturday. It’s a bit of a comfort to remember that living in Cairns, we are probably better prepared for that type of weather than most other athletes from cooler climates.


I got a bit carried away when deciding on what nutrition to buy for the race, and decided to spend a small fortune purchasing many samples of the unlimited numbers of flavors of energy gels and bars available here.


We enjoyed a lovely dinner out again tonight with a few other Team Oz athletes. We are very much enjoying working our way around the many restaurants and cafes Kona has to offer.


Jasper and Flynn 4
Kona after sunset



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