How is Sarah faring with only four days to go until the Ironman World Championships? She’s in full taper mode now…that’s how!

Read her blog below:

Scenic Lookout on the Queen K



Today in Kona, it has been overcast, and even though it’s still humid, it has been cooler than previous days.
On the ride this morning the headwind heading north was strong, but that made for a great tailwind on the return home! The remainder of the day involved resting and eating, the joys of taper!
There are increasingly more and more athletes arriving into Kona by the day, and there is always someone riding, running or swimming past. It’s sometimes hard to ignore what everyone else is doing and stick to my own plan- Trust the process I am reminding myself.

Don’t be tempted to change anything because of what others appear to be doing.

For more information on the event head to the official website below:


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