Diary Entry # 3 together with Video footage-Day 9-Sarah’s Road to Kona

This morning we went for a ride along the far end of the bike course, from Kawaihae to Hawi (pronounced “Harvey”) and then back into Kona.

It’s really beautiful out on the road into and out of Hawi, overlooking the ocean- Unfortunately I was unable to get GoPro footage because I was too busy clinging to my bike for dear life because the gusts of sidewinds were so strong!


I just kept saying to myself -“Daniela is not scared!” and battled my way through!

The Pro spotting began today, with Luke Mckenzie and Laura Sidall both stopped at the same servo as us to refuel for the ride.
Out on the Queen Ka’ahumanu highway (Queen K) you are literally riding through lava fields (see footage).


It’s crazy that you can be riding uphill with the wind and be flying along, but coming downhill into the wind and going so slowly. People going uphill in the opposite direction are going much faster than your downhill efforts!

It’s about 31 degrees here at the moment, but like Cairns it’s very humid so I am glad to now be chilling in the aircon after being out in the sun all morning



For more information on the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, see site below.

Ironman World Championships

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