11 Days to go-Sarah’s countdown to Kona. Follow her amazing Journey. Blog entry #1 Below.





Cairns based Physiotherapist and 2017 Ironman Asia Pacific winner for the 30-34’s- Sarah Thomas will mix it with the best Ironman athletes in the world as she heads off to face the ultimate test- The Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Sarah’s very recent and rapid rise to dominance in the Ironman distance triathlon, earned her a spot in the World Championship event, which is to take place on the 14 October, 2017.

Follow her Journey over the next 12 days as she shares her last minute preparation, her unique experiences in Kona, and the sheer excitement of the build up to her first World Championship.

Exceptional talents like Sarah do not come along every day.

Far North Queensland, Australia, is very proud of her unwavering dedication to be the best athlete she can be, and wishes her well in her endeavours.

We thank her for including us in her inspirational Journey.

Stay tuned on Capturing Cairns to follow Sarah’s experience from the inside!

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Ironman World Championships-Kona Official Site Here




The journey has begun!

The initial excitement was starting to wear a little thin as we were subjected to a 6 and a half hour stop over in Sydney-and then I remembered;

Ironman athletes from all over the world have been striving to qualify to compete in Kona at the World Championships since 1978- 

and all that excitement and anticipation rapidly returned.

Thankfully, we are finally on our way to Honolulu, before heading to the Big Island!

I still can’t believe that this year I will be one of them!

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