It reminds me of the territory, and carries with it the same earthy smells and spirituality

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“I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it’s only now, that I have finally let in the light” ~N.Martin


It’s hard to believe these three champions are from the same family.

The Simpson siblings are gifted sportspeople, but when it comes to Triathlon, they are ALL off the charts. Please enjoy this light-hearted interview with three extremely talented siblings from Cairns.

Clio Ozanne-Jaques-Where is she now?

Having a list of sporting achievements a mile long, including most recently being selected in the Australian Junior Cross Country Team to compete at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships (2017 Junior) she is the perfect example of a student who was successfully able to juggle training commitments and study…but is the life of an elite athlete a balanced one? What sacrifices has she made to get to where she is?

The man behind number 40

A high profile, highly successful athlete, Alex Loughton boasts seven consecutive seasons with the Taipans and numerous other sporting accolades. But who is the man behind the basketball, and what does his future look like?

Ironman-Through their eyes.

I was especially humbled to be in the company of two men who’s immediate responses to “why do you do it?” and “How do you cope with such a gruelling schedule?” had within them an air of confusion.

Trinity Beach

There were Dolphins here today. Sorry to disappoint, but they eluded the camera.


Take a walk through the butterfly enclosure and one will not only see butterflies, but orchids every colour of the rainbow. How I would love to be a butterfly for a day.

Cairns Crocs-Lake Eacham Triathlon, March 2017

Cairns Crocs Triathlon-Lake Eacham, March 2017